Dolphin Global Trust stands for:

  • Protection of the wild dolphins in there natural habitat.
  • By treating the dolphins in a loving and respectful manner, we're taking care and protecting them.
  • Close encounter and interaction between the wild dolphins and human beings to raise their consciousness. Each encounter purifies and heals the human being in order to open the heart completely to move into the higher consciousness.

Human – dolphin – interaction and approach

  • In general the reefs are the dolphins’ protected shallow habitat where they can rest, feed and play. So, when dolphins come out of the sea to the reefs, they want to rest and feed in the first place and once this is done they want to play. When dolphins show up in the reefs, give them in the first instance the time they need to rest and feed. Never jump from the boat into the water and get after them when they arrive. Just observe them carefully and let them come into the reef to swim on their own without interference of human beings.
  • When the dolphins are ready, they will themselves give the sign: let’s play or -when they are traveling- they may choose not to interact with you. When they are ready, they will come to invite you to interact. So, just wait patiently and be ready and meanwhile develop the subtle awareness for their invitation. We all have to develop this subtle awareness in order to know if FURTHER APPROACH IS APPROPRIATE. This determination should be made by your dolphin’s guide (and not by your will or wants or needs) only.
  • When jumping into the water at the wrong moment, you create stress for the dolphins and they consequently will move away. Unwillingly, you are chasing them.
  • Never chase them by swimming or by zodiac, in order not to harm them.
  • Only once this invitation is given, move nicely, easily and gently into the water. (JUMPING = CHASING). The number of people moving into the water should be restricted to 2 people at once, when they finish their encounter they can go back in the zodiac and 2 other people can slide in the water. 3 zodiacs at a time for the duration of about 1 hour is enough on the spot. When there is only 1 zodiac at and the dolphins invite you to play than 2 or 3 people can slide nice and easy in the water at once and stay till the entire group of people (not more than 9 people is in the water.)
  • For your own security: swim always with at least two persons or stay with the group. When going for a swim from the big boat, always warn at least one person: by doing so, this person can keep an eye on you or ring the alarm bell in case of difficulties.
  • Swim with both arms at your side or behind your back.
  • NEVER TOUCH THE DOLPHINS! Never grasp them by the fins or tail, don’t let them take you in tow.
  • Approach them from their side at a parallel angle rather than directly in front or chasing them from behind.
  • Approach them with love.
  • Wait until they invite you to play. Only then, you can move deeper in the water by using your arms to dive.
  • Always leave enough space between the reef and the boats or zodiacs to let the dolphins freely go in and out the reef.
  • Trust the dolphins: they are very sensitive and know exactly how to swim without bumping in to you.
  • Be considerate and watch out for other swimmers, allowing them adequate space for an intimate encounter.
  • Avoid separating dolphins from the pod at large.
  • When the dolphins have the tendency to leave the reef and move back to the sea, you should support them and make space.
  • You can sustain the dolphins and their habitat by trusting nature’s food supply, so do not feed them. Feeding free dolphins would be harmful to their health, to their social behaviors, to their natural feeding habitat.
  • The reefs are the dolphins’ playground. They prefer to play with leaves and other organic debris. Do follow this natural behavior and leave all foreign objects (such as ropes, plastics and toys) ashore.
  • During the periods when they give birth, people should not be allowed to swim with them without permission of the authorities.
  • Avoid long sharp nail, jewelry, and cameras in 1 hand when you are swimming the skin of a dolphin is very sensitive and you could harm them accidentally.

By considering these rules and bringing them into action you honor the dolphins’ natural choice, their patterns, their habits and their habitat. Human beings should respect the dolphins’ natural behavior and be grateful for being the dolphins’ guest in their habitat.
Dolphins are a gift of nature and come to offer us their unconditional love. By doing so, they uplift human beings. The dolphins come to teach us “PEACE AND JOY” as they are the perfect living examples for us.
The dolphins are a spontaneous expression of “LIGHT AND LOVE”: this light and love is the greatest gift mankind can receive.
Everybody who has the willingness to surrender to this encounter and interact properly will experience this profound, truth, light and love.

In Truth, Simplicity and Love,


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