When our boat weighed anchor, we left the harbour. The ocean opened up and rocked us in the silence of its beauty. The endless blue hid a deep mystery and its secret treasure-chamber revealed itself in the eye of a dolphin. Its light made my heart explode and the hard shell of old fears was shattered. I felt no separation and was transported by invisible wings. The inexhaustible beauty of its being penetrated the limits of my mind. The love touched me and the essence of my heart was reflected in the dolphin. I experienced the truth of my existence as "LOVE and LIGHT". This inner recognition awoke me, cradled me in the subtle vibration of tenderness and penetrated the fartherst corners of my consciousness. Later I found myself in the water amongst a school of fish, and the dolphins came unnoticed. They took me away into their magic circle in the ocean. In that "dolphinmoment" I felt like one of them. I was witness to their healing power, and the living memory of their Love became a golden thread in my life. They taught me to listen to the silence in my heart, and in that silence I was united with them. Sometimes people ask me who I am. It is always difficult to answer, and I search for words in an attempt to satisfy their need to pigeon-hole me. Today, the answer came to me : I am nothing and I live in everything ...
I am just a lover.


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