Egypt, the Promised Land

Egypte, the Promised land

Dear friends,

As I've been with dolphins in their oceans and seas all over the World for about 2O years, I'm greatly concerned about the way people want to swim with them.
It has become fashionable to meet the customer's need for the ultimate click; hence an uncontrolled growth has developed, with a lack of respect, expertise and authenticity.

"From click to the ultimate kick"

From my great heart for the dolphins I feel responsible for the protection of their habitats.
There are too many boats in their reefs, which were naturally developed into resting places during their long trips in oceans and seas. These reefs are constantly disturbed by man.
Years ago I was sent to places where dolphins and human beings were rarely spotted. These were places of energy, points of acupuncture, with only a few black fins visible on the water surface. One of these spots is SATAYA.

The Sataya Reef

Slowly but surely a bond of trust was growing between the dolphins and a small Group of friends, soul -mates. We were invited to swim with the dolphins and take part in their joy and game. This feeling of trust became stronger as we treated them with respect, we let them be, not disturbing their game, resting periods, the feeding and cherishing of their Young ones. After their rituals we descended carefully into the water, waiting for them to come or not.
A few years ago an airport was built in the far south of Egypt, thus the area was easily accessible to tourists, with all its consequences! More and more dolphins and people. Peace was disturbed. Before the dolphins could enter the reef, rubber boats rushed towards them. Last year a dolphin's snout was cleaved like a ham, bleeding badly. The dolphin stayed in the reef, presenting itself to every boat as a silent witness. Last time I was there he had disappeared, probably dead Shortly after I witnessed another victim whose belly was badly torn.
Then came the news of the pilot whales who landed in Madagascar at the same time thousands of dolphins arrived in Sataya. I felt they were fleeing for something, which was later confirmed by IFAW( International Fund for Animal Welfare).
The pilot whales were stranded in Madagascar because of disorientation as a result of LFA Sonar experiments.

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The dolphins were fleeing from experiments in the Indian Ocean and were looking for protection in Egypt, in the Red Sea, in a 2.500m deep cleft, caused by the Separation between Asia and Africa ages ago. The gap is an ideal habitat to escape sonar. This explains the numerous dolphins in the Red Sea.
Years ago after intense efforts I succeeded in activating SAMADAI DOLPHIN HOUSE (a reef in the shape of a horseshoe) as a protected area; it's no longer accessible, at least not in the reef. On the outside of the reef two ropes are tied, between them people can watch the dolphins swimming in and out of the reef.
Thank God the barbaric situation of rubber boats threatening the heart of the reef has stopped.

Recently I was in a dolphin's reef in the north of Egypt where I witnessed another dramatic situation. The captains of safari boats are bribed with tips, especially by Russians, to take them to the dolphins outside the reef. Safari boats are sailing on and off to reach the dolphins before these can enter the reef.
The entrance to the reef is totally blocked by safari boats tied together in mutual agreement. The dolphins seek their way under the boats to enter the reef. I went into the water via the inner side of the entrance of the reef behind the boats, five dolphins circled around me. Two friends who didn't want to leave me on my own, stayed with me. Suddenly some safari boats were heading towards us. I filmed it all with my camera.
One of the dolphins nearly settled in my lap.
If the government doesn't intervene, the future for dolphins looks bad and this will also happen in the south of the Sataya reef in the near future.
Sataya is 4 kilometres long and the only place for boats to shelter from wind and rough sea. The blocking of the reef such as in Dolphin House is almost impossible. Nevertheless I'm making flyers to distribute in hotels and diving schools as educative material "how to behave".
I pledge to everyone’s goodwill, if ever you meet with dolphins, show your deepest respect for their environment and don’t tumble in the water head-over-heels.
On my site with the heading "Education and Protection" you will find instructions how to approach dolphins with the right attitude; also the text of my educative film clearly states this. If you can help me in one or other way, please get in touch via mail or telephone. As I frequently go to Egypt, I keep well informed of the situation and we form a kind of "floating education centre" to keep an eye on the situation.

Thanks for all your support.

On behalf of the dolphins, in truth, simplicity and love.


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