New Age Kids or Indigo Children

One of the main goal of "Dolphin Global Trust", is to support New Age Children and their environment. NAC or Indigo Children are wise, intuitive and hypersensitive. They have characteristics that acquire specific attention. Their adjustment to live and society evolves in a special way and therefore they need special treatment and care.

The inner world of the autistic child has it’s own ways, the child does not give much attention to the environment where he or she is living in. By trying to keep off the strange world in which they cannot feel happy, they close down a lot of natural impulses that are needed to function well in our society. For these children it is necessary to stimulate both sides of the brain and activate the cells in order to get more orientated in the outside world. A large part of the brain can be stimulated by the sonar waves dolphins use in communication. We distinctly hope that our children can make up some arrears in their development that are the result of shutting out reality by not willing to hear, see, touch, feel,… by swimming with wild dolphins.

For children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) we hope to find peace, trust and confidence. These children show difficulties in behaviour that are the result of extreme nervousness. The difficulties in adjusting get worse because our society does not leave enough room for the self-development they need. These, in general very smart, children struggle with themselves and the circumstances they live in. They often don’t get good grades at school. This results in low self-esteem, feeling very insecure. They are keepers of an enormous wisdom and knowledge which they cannot use because they lack connection with reality, with the outspoken and hidden laws of society. Creating the possibility for these children to meet wild dolphins in open sea has an enormous therapeutic value. Together with this beautiful creatures as dolphins are, these children can create Self-Love, upgrade their self-esteem and self-respect, ban the idea "I cannot do this..".

A lot of NAC are aggressive, angry and selfish. As dolphins are the masters of love and light they can show the children a whole new world. Connecting with dolphins the children will be able to see and feel how one can live in peace with other living creatures. They can learn how to behave in the company of others.

Depressions can appear very early in childhood without any recognisable cause. Therefore it is important to be aware of special signals the children send at their surroundings. Invisible causes can be: hypersensitivity to light, noise, food, persons.
The refusal to go to school, getting ill, crying, screaming are first line defence-actions children take. Low grades, not coping with the subject-matter, getting an aversion of all school matters and finally depression are the following developments. Abuse of drugs, excessive nightlife behaviour and suicide are the obvious consequences of a long-term depression. It is therefore very important that this hypersensitivity is recognised. The contact with dolphins and other water creatures in their natural habitat can result in a very positive experience. The dolphins can show these children the joy, the love, the sprightly and playful way of living. They have the ability to connect the children with their inner self in a way other humans can’t do. All over the world experiments with dolphins have been showing overwhelming results in this matter.

Today I have brought multiple children in the new era to the dolphins .. These wonderful children are attuned to the vibrations of dolphins and are very sensitive to the environment they are in. It's good for them to stay regularly in the presence of dolphins in these frequencies to recharge.

Dolphins have the strength to shake negative feelings into positive feelings. These are decisive factors for our mental and physical balance. Our brains give neuropeptides stimuli to receptors which then flows through our nerves.
These neuropeptides are dealing with dolphins in their natural environment encouraged. Some time ago I met Kim, now 18 years, and her mother on my path. Meanwhile, she has traveled with me 3 times to the dolphins, since we are inseparable in the dolphins heart.
Kim is such a child and is highly sensitive and has an incurable disease. Kim namely has cystic fibrosis. There's something wrong with the production of mucus, for example in the lungs, intestines, pancreas and liver. It is also extremely hard and salt making it mainly accumulates in the lungs. This accumulation causes pneumonia and recurrent respiratory infections. This decreases Kim's lung capacity continuesly, and she will finally die. Since Kim is swimming with dolphins her physical condition has made significant progress. Her openness, directness, clarity and love for the dolphins have touched my heart. She is a gift of nature and a harbinger of a new beginning!
To witness this motivates me to work with her mother who has many years experience in counseling between parents and children, a new way to put down more new age children the opportunity to get in contact with the dolphins.

In simplicity and love


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