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L F A Sonar Experiment

In august 2008 an accident happened in Sataaya as a boat screw touched a dolphin and cut his nose seriously.
Since then, this dolphin stays on the spot to show his injury to everyone.
Is this not a sign that something should be done?
One first step is the fact that in the future plastic bags will be forbidden in the red sea area as these are also very dangerous for marine life.
It is also scientifically proven that the LFA high frequency sonar uses by the navy to search under Sea boats break the ear drums of dolphins and whales and that this animals lose there orientation, and die from the consequences.
In May this year a few thousand dolphins came to Sataaya what is unusual, I felt on there behavior that they where in escape from something.  In the mean time 55 pilot whales stranded in Madagascar. It is confirmed to me by   Lesley O'Donnell Director EU Office IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) who helped to float them again, that the cause of this fact was the result of experiments with LFA sonar in the Indian Ocean,
As dolphins search their peace from these experiments in the Red Sea, we should do our best to help them to find there peace there.

Urgent appeal:

whales and dolphins threatened by U.S. Navy sound system

The 'Low-Frequency Active' (LFA) sonar program of the U.S. Navy will, if approved, millions of whales and dolphins around the world with intense noise bomb. The military lobby, this system for years in secret to test .. Now the navy this scheme to 80 percent of the sum of all oceans. It is intended to detect hostile submarines by large volumes of the oceans geluidsgloven bombing. The military advantages of this system are still under discussion, but it certainly is a huge ecological brings. The sound waves are used because billions of times greater than the values that the migration of whales and communications disrupted. Whales and dolphins depend on their 'sensitive ear' off to survive. A deaf whale is a dead whale. The sweet sound of the deaf LFA system will interfere with the vital biological activities of marine mammals. Scientists fear that prolonged exposure to ensure LFA whole populations to extinction will bring.

An experiment proves that painful last year of various types of whales stranded and died on beaches in the northern Bahamas during a military exercise of the Navy. Researchers suggested bleeding in the animals down in the area of the inner ear. The U.S. Navy gave in its report that the beaches of the animals was caused by sound waves. But the Navy wants LFA Nevertheless, the most active system of intense sound waves, bets.

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James Taylor, Pierce Brosnan, Jean-Michel Coustau
Summary and translation: Lieve De Kinder

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