Neuropeptides: what makes transfers to the stimuli activate receptors on the end of the nerves .. The stimulus chemical reaction that has a positive impact on our feelings and emotions.

Comes through incentives.

Neuropeptides by giving incentives to receptors that are received in the nerves. In connection with emotions and feelings, these are decisive factors in our health. Dolphins have the strength to shake negative feelings into positive feelings. They could also loosen much physical plane, similar to ultrasound treatment for physiotherapist physical blockades

A major breakthrough which has become visible in recent years in medical thinking, is the realization that the body appears to be an artistic machine that has learned to think, but rather that one can speak of a complex intelligent mind, a body that has created. Scientific fact has been proven that there exists a subtle interplay between mind and matter by neuropeptides. These are protein-like substances produced by the cells are created, as signaling substances in the bloodstream to be transported throughout the body, or between the connection of the nerve cells to communicate zorgen5. Under the influence of body, emotions or thoughts are numerous hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and other particles in motion and by the intelligence of the DNA in the nuclei of neuropeptides formed. Eccles calls this a form of psychokinesis, a transformation process between mind and matter. The cells in this way have a vocabulary of thousands of chemical information molecules, which are produced at the right times and interpreted in order to control the body. The man is actually a living thought, a body which creates the effects of the neuropeptides, created by the constant flow of events, on the hormones and the metabolism and hence many other important bodily functions. Deep in our cells in our body shows the historical archive of our lives. From the above it is clear that a complex interplay between mind and body. Constant stress causes mental pressure as neuropeptides patterns, which can disrupt the whole body. Diseases caused by this, but could be cured by a proper mental treatment. The body intelligence will yourself through the neuropeptides on the production of the perfect drug. When the patient but outside of administering medication, which they did not give the proper spiritual guidance, can bring the body out of balance, causing unwanted side effects could occur.

april 9th 1996 – Dr. A.H. Heinekenprize for Medicine for David de Wied

From the sixties of the research focused on the Wied called neuropeptides. These small proteins are created in the brains or the pituitary gland. De Wied in 1969 formulated the hypothesis that these peptides directly affect the brain and thus the behavior of humans and animals. Advanced techniques, which later became available, the assumption that neuropeptides such an important role in the brains repeatedly confirmed.

With its concept is neuropeptides Professor De Wied at the cradle of the present study to neuropeptides and neuropeptide receptors. At the moment is even talk of renewed attention to his ideas. The results of the studies in this area are used in the development of drugs for behavioral disorders (eg stress), and are expected in the near future, find new applications.

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